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Results of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Rochester Raging Rhinos played Sunday August 13, 2000 at Varsity Stadium at 7:30pm.

30 min...RR Tim Hardy leaps on the back of Lynx Lloyd Barker preventing his header. As this play was in the RR box, referee Frank Marciello called a penalty kick.

31 min...Lynx GOAL Nikola Vignjevic scored on Penalty kick...Vignjevic rolls shot into left corner of net as RR goalie Scott Vallow dives right.

42 min...RR GOAL Dan Stebbins...Stebbins heads 10 yarder to center of net beyond sprawling goalie Theo Zagar. Assist to Mike Kirmse when Lynx clearance pass was deflected off the referee's foot to Kirmse who pushes through a high 15 yard pass.

43 min...Lynx Juan Arango crossed ball from right after deking defender and cross deflects off RR Andrew Restrepo's upper arm in box and penalty kick is called.

45 min...Lynx GOAL Nikola Vignjevic scores on Penalty kick...Vignjevic blasts ball to left side of net as goalie shuffles right. Goalie had drawn a Yellow card a minute before for stalling for time before this kick.

64 min...Lynx GOAL Aaron Benjamin...Benjamin runs along edge of RR box and cuts an 18 yard shot to left side of net beyond flying goalie.

75 min...RR GOAL Yari Allnutt...Allnutt gets ball at 25 yards and cuts shot from left to center of net that goalie only partially gets hand to and pushed into left corner of net. RR Jimmy Glenn earns assist for threading pass to him.

79 min...RR goal called back when RR player puts ball in after handling it.

Final Score:.....Toronto Lynx 3......Rochester Raging Rhinos....2...

This was the first Lynx victory in eight games. The Lynx had slipped to third in the Northeast Division but because the eight playoff positions in the Eastern Conference are also shared with the Atlantic Division, the Lynx are actually 10th in the standings.
***Oops, as pointed out to me in a few replies, the A-League guarantee the first three teams in each Division will make the playoffs so it looks better for the Lynx than I initially thought.***

Attendance was announced as 2805 on this warm humid evening.

A vocal group of Lynx fans easily countered the organized Rhinos fans chants. The game officials were dressed in red tonight.

I don't know about last night's game in Rochester where Rhinos beat Lynx 2-1, but tonight Canadian international Martin Nash was neither listed as a starter nor substitute so hopefully he's resting up for the game in Mexico on Tuesday.

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