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A-League Toronto Lynx vs Boston Bulldogs
by Rocket Robin

Result of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Boston Bulldogs played at Varsity Stadium at 7:30pm.

30 min...Lynx GOAL Juan Arango...Marco Reda passes to Francisco Dos Santos near center who passes to Lloyd Barker who after a long run down right side sends low cross into box and Arango charges to left post and bounces ball over sprawling BB goalie Russell Payne from 7 yards.

43 min...Lynx GOAL Juan Arango...Dos Santos races through middle and BB goalie makes diving save on left but rebound rolls to right where Arango has 10 yard shot to middle of open net.

83 min...save of the game...BB Ebbie Kodiat on breakaway from 35 yards takes 20 yard shot that diving goalie Theo Zagar gets hand to but momentum causes it to continue to roll to left corner of net, defender Adrian Serioux races back and kicks it into post and ball is eventually cleared along right endline of box.

93 min (injury time)...Bulldogs GOAL Sullivan Phillips...substitute Phillips scores on penalty kick that he slides to right corner of net as goalie slides left. Penalty awarded after BB cornerkick strikes Lloyd Barker's arm in box.
Only enough time for Lynx to kick ball and whistle ends game.

Final Score:......Toronto Lynx......2....Boston Bulldogs......1......

Attendance was announced as 2711. This was Carib Fest Night and they had a drum group as entertainment but this night there were a group of Brazilian fans who brought their own drums and chanted throughout the game. Some of the Voyageurs were there too. Looks like we may have a large group at the Canada--Mexico WC qualifier.
Big group and better located seats!

Rocket Robin

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