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Result of the A-League game of Tuesday June 20th between Toronto Lynx and Hershey Wildcats played at Varsity Stadium at 7:30pm.

35 min...Hershey GOAL Steven Klein...Lynx defender Adrian Serioux made a weak pass in backfield that was intercepted by Klein who walked in on left side and banks 15 yard shot in off right post beyond diving goalie Theo Zagar.

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx...0...Hershey Wildcats...1...

Lynx started off too slow with them trying one too many passes or positioning for the perfect shot. The second half they improved but the Wildcats could get good breaks on counterattacks and should have put away the game much sooner.

It was ironic that Lynx Brian Ashton in injury time escaped a defender and shot from the extreme right from 7 yards into the right webbing instead of a short cross with two Lynx players waiting for a tap-in. The Wildcat goalie was Richard Sletvold.

Lynx defence looked a little shakey getting by without injured Marco Reda and Lyndon Hooper.

Lynx backup goaltender Jim Larkin was sold to Montreal Impact for cash. New backup goaltender is Carmine Isacco who played last year for the Milwaukee Rampage but is a Toronto resident.

Attendance was unannounced but claimed as 1427 which looked like 400 were actually there. A Tuesday night is a hard sell on a school night.

This was the first loss in the nine games this year for the Lynx. Quite a reversal from 1999.

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