A-League Toronto Lynx vs Montreal Impact
by Rocket Robin

Originally posted on the Voyageurs Soccer Talk message board.

Results of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx and Montreal Impact played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto at 7:30pm June 11th,2000.

45 min...Lynx Francisco Dos Santos GOAL...Nikki Vignjevic (earns assist) takes freekick from 25 yards on right, Dos Santos steps in front of ball and heads it just up enough to boost over goalie's hand into top left corner of net.

60 min...Lynx Dos Santos GOAL...On Santos on long clearance from Hooper in own end, Dos Santos rushes along right on 1 on 3 but instead of trying cross, he shoots from 20 yards into top left corner of net on a tough angle.

68 min...Lynx Dos Santos GOAL...Dos Santos chips 12 yarder over goalie just under bar. Juan Arango awarded assist sent through ball forward from 30 yards. Dos Santos was being squeezed by two defenders when he got shot away.

89 min...Lynx Benjamin GOAL...(86 min sub) Benjamin gets ball around goalie and rolls ball into empty net from 10 yards. David DiPlacido gave him a pass from 30 yards.

Final Score:...Toronto Lynx.....4.....Montreal Impact.....0....

A hat trick for Dos Santos! Impact had good runs for 10 minutes patches about three times in the game but Theo Zagar was up for the challenge.

Attendance was not announced but it was probably the lowest of the year. The weather was cool and the field was wet. People sat on their programs or newspapers as it rained so much during the day.
The score of the national team game was to be announced during the game but except for hearing the halftime score, I was in the dark.

The pressbox was almost empty. You folks should try to catch this game on Sportsnet. I'm replaying it now with Scott Granville and Helen Stoumbos doing the commentary.

Looks like they'll be no story in the papers tomorrow. Editors say "We've got enough soccer with the fixed matches in Europe and the national team game". Maybe the hardcore Lynx fans can turn their chants on you..."Na Na Na Na, Na Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, You Suck".

Rocket Robin

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