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TORONTO--A franchise-record home crowd of 6,012 saw the Toronto Lynx defeat
the Connecticut Wolves 4-1 at Thursday's School Millennium Day matinee at
Varsity Stadium. The win leaves the Lynx with a solid eight-point advantage
over second-place Rochester in the Northeast Division.

Lloyd Barker led off the scoring in the 15th minute, snagging Francisco Dos Santos' rebound and beating goalkeeper Matt Chavlovich from 12 yards, but the Lynx attack didn't catch fire until after halftime.

Nikola Vignevic won the game in the 50th, slotting an unassisted 10-yard header just inside the post. Brian Ashton slipped a 25-yard lob under the crossbar in the 67th to make the score 3-0, and Aaron Benjamin sent a ground-hugging 12-yarder to Chavlovich's left in the 73rd to leave Toronto with a 4-0 edge.

Adrian Serioux assisted on the last two Toronto goals. Erik Barbieri spoiled 'keeper Theo Zagar's shutout bid with a slick solo effort in the 78th minute, weaving through three defenders to set up a point-blank 10-yard shot.

Less than a minute after Barbieri's score, Daniel Rudolph threw another scare into the Lynx defense, before just missing with a header.

1 2 F
Connecticut 0 1
Toronto Lynx 1 3 4

Tor-Barker (unas) 15
Tor-Vignjevic (unas) 50
Tor-Ashton (Serioux) 67
Tor-Benjamin (Serioux) 73
Con-Barbieri (unas) 78
Shots: Con 5, Tor 11; Saves: Chavlovich 2, Tor-Zagar 1
Att: 6,012

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