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Toronto Lynx vs Reggina Calcio (Italy)
by Rocket Robin

Results of the International friendly between Toronto Lynx of the A-League of North America and Reggina Calcio of the Serie A League in Italy played at Varsity Stadium in Toronto at 7:30pm before announced attendance of 6737 fans.

30 min...RC GOAL Francesco Cozza...Cozza chips ball from 15 yards just over leaping goalie Theo Zagar 7 yards off his line. A great pass from near center line by Gustavo Reggi set this play up.

88 min...Lynx RED card...sub Aaron Benjamin who'd only been on for six minutes earned it for elbowing Lorenzo Stovini in head as both jumped for ball in center circle. (may have only been a yellow card but there may have been something else said to the referee).

91 min...RC GOAL Erjon Bogdani...Bogdani intercepts pass at midfield and sprints in pursued by two Lynx players and lobs 15 yard shot into net over sliding goalie Jim Larkin who came in at halftime.

Final Score:...Toronto Lynx....0....Reggina Calcio...2

Lynx had a few chances; the best on a misplayed backpass by Simone Giacchetta at 63 minutes that eluded goalie Emanuele Belardi who misses grabbing header but slid to kick ball out off goalline.

Reggina only subbed two players but the Lynx subbed four by the end of the game so their teenagers could say they played a Serie A team.

This was no Parma vs CNSL All Stars from 1995. The calibre of soccer is narrowing.

I don't know if the Reggina players were regulars. Maybe someone who was there could add to this message of who usually is on their first team.

Rocket Robin

Posted on Jun 06 2000 , 08:26 PM

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