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A-League Toronto Lynx vs Connecticut Wolves
by Rocket Robin

Results of the A-League game between Toronto Lynx vs Connecticut Wolves played at 12:00pm Thursday June 1st at Varsity Stadium.

15 min...Lynx GOAL Lloyd Barker...Barker scores on rebound shot from 12 yards that Francisco Dos Santos had just drilled from 18 yards off sliding goalie. This was the end of a 90 yard run started after Brian Ashton in two man wall had headed away a freekick by Wolves Brendan Sullivan and Nikola Vignjevic ran 50 yards downfield before pass to Dos Santos.

50 min...Lynx GOAL Nikola Vignjevic...Vignjevic receives high cross from halftime sub Adrian Serioux, ball is headed down by forward giving Nikola enough time to blast 10 yard shot to left side of net.

67 min...Lynx GOAL Brian Ashton...Ashton on 25 yard lob over goalie frozen halfway out of box who retreats too late, Assist awarded to Serioux who sprung Ashton on left with 30 yard pass.

73 min...Lynx GOAL Aaron Benjamin...Benjamin rolls ball from 12 yards to right corner of goal. Serioux had made good pass to set up play.

78 min...Wolves GOAL Erik Barbieri...Barbieri from 10 yards as three defenders following him and he beat goalie Theo Zagar who stayed on his line. (thanks to Neil Davidson for these comments as I missed it).

Final Score:....Toronto Lynx 4 Connecticut Wolves 1
Lynx get four points for the win and one extra point for scoring three goals for the first time this season. Wolves are winless in their 10 games this year.

Best move was putting today's program insert photo boy Adrian Serioux into the game. Wow, what energy. He set up at least two other gimme goals that the Lynx couldn't connect with.

Attendance was announced as 6012, an alltime record for a home game with the Lynx. It was 12:00 noon! This crowd was packed with schoolkids. Lets have no complaints about a padded attendance. After the game I walked over to Yonge St to shop for CDs and on the train home, it was filled with schoolkids coming home from the Blue Jays game! No one will complain about their hardcore 17000.

Biggest cheers from the screaming kids was the intro for Brian Ashton who is the player who most looks like Lance Bass (blond guy in N Sync). Also the kids are impressed by the high long ball as adults can kick the ball 60 yards easily.

Last night, Leo Marasovic scored all three goals in Toronto Croatia's 3-2 come from behind victory over Glen Shields Sun Devils in CPSL action.

Rocket Robin

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