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Dynamites: a heartbreaking loss
by Impact supporter

Laval Dynamites lose to Toronto Inferno 2-1 in overtime. (And only 2 minutes into the first 10 minutes, to boot) The refereeing left something to be desired. Consider, there was no call when a Toronto player grabbed or fliiped Annie Perrault(she got the lone Laval goal) yet Perrault gets a yellow card for flipping a player. The Toronto team played more like a rugby team. I could understand it getting physical at times but there are limits when players get punched, elbowed, grabbed around the legs. But they also may have been tired after playing Sat. night and winning 6-0 against New Hampshire. That was with 4 goals from Sonia Moore and asists by Rachel Yankey. For other Impact supporters and Montreals, if the Laval Dynamites make the playoffs, go out and support. It is worth seeing just for Rachel Yankey and Sonia Moore(I dont know if they will be here next year or in the new womes professional league in the US)

Posted on Jul 24 2000 , 03:58 PM
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