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W-League Toronto Inferno vs Rochester Ravens
by Rocket Robin

Result of the W-League game between Toronto Inferno and Rochester Ravens played Saturday July 29th, 2000 at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 7:30pm.

This was the final regular season game of the year and Toronto was tied with Laval Dynamite in the Northern Conference Standings when the evening began.

2 min...Inferno GOAL Maggie Mason...An Inferno player races down left side and sends cross into box, Julie Pigozzo feeds Mason a short pass from the right and she rolls in a 10 yard shot to the middle of the net.

19 min...Inferno GOAL Gwen Kilfoy...Kilfoy receives pass at 30 yards, RR goalie Leah Cornwell makes a diving point blank save on the edge of box but the ball rebounds to Kilfoy behind goalie and she sends 7 yard shot into empty net.

60 min...Inferno GOAL Tina Blaskovic...Blaskovic from left side of box and she curves 20 yard shot into top right corner of net.

89 min...Inferno GOAL Maggie Mason...Mason takes a cornerkick from the left that the Raven goalie pushes ball into own left corner of net when she ran toward short post to prevent Inferno players from heading it in on short side.

Final Score:....Toronto Inferno 4....Rochester Ravens 0

Toronto get 5 points for winning and scoring at least 3 goals. Their record leaves them at 8 wins, 5 losses, 1 tie. They cannot be caught by Laval Dynamite even if they get 5 points tomorrow because of Inferno vs Dynamites record against each other.

Toronto Inferno have won the Northern Conference and join the Playoff tournament this year in Raleigh North Carolina with Raleigh, Chicago, and either Long Island or Boston.

Attendance was about 350 people which is about triple of most games. Bet Parks and Recreation wishes they had opened the snack bar tonight.

Maggie Mason's second goal of the evening was similar to Diego Maradona's goal at this stadium a few years ago at his testimonial.

Tina Blaskovic's goal was a 'goal of the season' highlight reel calibre and was caught on camera by Matt Ross for Shaw Cable. Too bad it will only be seen in Scarborough at 6:00pm Monday.

The players were still signing autographs and granting interviews 45 minutes after the game ended. The Inferno finally got their Year 2000 program published and were selling them at the game.

I'll write up my own season summary/editorial on my web site within a few weeks but I just want the wish the Inferno good luck in their trip to Raleigh. Do the North proud!!!

Rocket Robin

Posted on Jul 29 2000, 8:33 PM
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