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W-League Toronto Inferno vs Ottawa Fury
by Rocket Robin

Results of the W-League game of Friday June 16th/2000 between Toronto Inferno and Ottawa Fury
played at Birchmount Stadium in Scarborough at 7:30pm.

37 min...Fury GOAL Brigitte Barnier...from a Fury freekick from 40 yards on left side, Inferno goalie Dawn Boone rushes out to catch ball, drops it and Barnier rolls in a 7 yard shot to left corner of open net.

46 min...Inferno GOAL Tanya Frank...Jo Hinks dekes two defenders along right end line and short cross is one touched into left corner of net from 3 yards by Frank.

82 min...Inferno GOAL Julie Pigozzo...Amy Apps crosses from 20 yards upfield on left side and Pigozzo scores on diving header from 7 yards into right corner of net.

Final Score:....Toronto Inferno.....2...Ottawa Fury.....1

Attendance was around 120 for the first Inferno game back at their regular 'home' in Scarborough.
There was a heavy rain between the 55th minute until just before injury time.

Inferno defender and midfielder Janine and Rochelle Willis (18 year old twin sisters) were both impressive.

National team player (scored a goal against New Zealand in the Pacific Cup) Kristina Kiss of
Ottawa Fury was a starter for the Fury.

Inferno was the better team.

Rocket Robin

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