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Rocket Robin's Soccer in Toronto

Hello and thanks for visiting my WEB page. My name is Robin Glover and I'm a retired man from North York (Toronto) Canada.
My page concentrates on the local soccer scene in Southern Ontario. *******************************************************************************************************************************************

October 20th, 2017...At the League 1 Ontario Championship game between Oakville Blue Devils and Woodbridge Strikers.
After everyone else had their chance I was given the opportunity to hold the L1O Championship trophy.

my soccer pages...includes Toronto FC, Toronto FC II, Toronto Lynx, Toronto Lady Lynx, CNSL/CPSL/CSL (until 2013),
men's and women's national team games and new for 2014, League 1 Ontario. Also 1993 Toronto Blizzard and 1994 Toronto Rockets
both in APSL (from old 2400 baud modem posts to USENET sites).

older photographs of me

November 26, 2016--I finally explain the origins of why I chose the name Rocket Robin

NTN Trivia...from 1996 to 2012.

my late mother Miriam Glover

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